Hybridized Drilling Rig

BluVert optimized power generation in electric drilling rigs

Whether drilling for fossil fuels or mine operations, drilling typically occurs in remote areas with no other option than to deploy large amounts of power generation equipment. For a typical oil and gas drilling program, this will include 3 large diesel generators totaling 3MW.

In this case, the operator asked BluVert to model their traditional power consumption against a BluVert system. Generators typically only see a 30-40% average load, the remaining generation capacity is rotating reserve to accommodate peak loads. By providing a variable speed generator and Economic Dispatch Control (EDC) thru the Core Energy Management module, we are able to significantly improve genset loading with the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability – reduced blackouts.
  • Improved AC power quality – frequency and voltage with harmonic distortion to IEEE 519 standards.
  • Regen Energy Capture when tripping into the hole.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  •  Reduced total Generator run time. Energy storage provides the equivalent of Rotating Reserve which reduces the total number of Generators that need to be on line.
  • Improved Tripping performance – realized by “torque shift” in the Motor Over-speed region.
  • Optimal loading of the Engine to keep exhaust temperature within design range (especially important for Tier 4 engines).
  • 20% typical emission reduction and fuel savings.
  • Short term power ride through to lift the Drill Bit off the bottom in the event of a Generator blackout or Generator E-Stop.
  • The BluVert Core Energy Management (CEM) manages peak loads, while Energy Dispatch Control (EDC) ensures only the required number of generators are running. When the load demands more power than the generator(s) is capable of handling, it brings another generator online. Energy storage in the form of ultra-capacitors, provides temporary fill-in power while the generator is turned on.
  • Based on an annual load profile, we estimate the potential fuel savings alone to contribute to an investment ROI of less than 2 years. Additional savings due to extended maintenance and service intervals, combined with carbon credits and increased up-time, provide a compelling reason to make the shift to a BluVert hybrid power generation system.

If you’re looking for a secure energy source with quality power, low emissions and a low lifecycle cost, contact BluVert Technology Inc for further information.