Renewable energy products are desirable but on their own, challenged by intermittent power, high cost to Kilowatt ratio and long, often subsidy dependent, return on investment. BluVert provides efficient “fill-in” power and improves renewable power penetration by seamlessly adapting to both the fluctuating demand and inconsistent renewable energy source.



Clean, reliable and efficient power supply is critical to mining operations. Remote mines often rely on multiple diesel-fueled generators to supply this power. BluVert combines minimal energy with economic dispatch of variable speed generators, to improve the overall load profile of the power generation equipment. In return we supply mines with utility grade power, a low carbon footprint and improved efficiency.

Oil And Gas

Suitable for upgrades on existing rigs and new builds. BluVert can work with existing fixed speed or new variable speed Gensets to deliver improved efficiency, faster tripping and drilling, longer periods between refueling, responsive utility grade power, reduced blackouts and less CO2 emissions. BluVert also virtually eliminates regen cycles on Tier 4 engines.


Electric And Hybrid Mobile Machinery

Highly variable loads in the example of a rubber tire gantry, cause generators to run at less than 20% average load and fail to capture regenerative energy. Upcoming changes to carbon legislation as well as Tier 4 engine requirements will force further inefficient adaptations on this type of application. Power conversion technology however, has caught up to the science behind reliable solid state power and offers reliable stored energy and energy capture and BluVert power management packages can mitigate these issues and reduce fuel costs, emissions and downtime.


If you’re looking for a secure energy source with quality power, low emissions and a low lifecycle cost, contact BluVert Technology Inc for further information.