About Us

BluVert Technology Ltd designs and builds proprietary software and technology that integrates, manages, and optimizes power sources in off-grid and mobile applications, leading to lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. BluVert partners with engineers, developers, OEMs, and Independent Power Producers to combine and intelligently manage a range of power sources, including renewables, to supply clean and reliable power.

The BluVert system consists of a diesel engine used intelligently as a variable speed generator set where only the required energy is produced by the diesel generator set and a right–sized amount of energy storage handles changes in the energy demand (peak shaving).

BluVert uses the very best of every power source to deliver power, reliably. It’s a practical and achievable solution for a range of applications that need low-cost, low-maintenance power solutions.

BluVert Technology Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Rim Engineering (1987) Ltd., a leading engineering firm. Since 1987, PREP has produced innovative engineered products, such as AC Drawworks, industrial transmissions, and power control systems, serving the oil & gas, mining, industrial, and marine industries. PREP is located in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Engineering Study

Our team of professional engineers have extensive experience in mechanical and electrical design in a wide range of industrial application.

Feasibility Analysis

Our expertise is in the analysis of transmissions and rotating machinery and the development of electronic controls, software and system integration.

If you’re looking for a secure energy source with quality power, low emissions and a low lifecycle cost, contact BluVert Technology Inc for further information.